“A Digital Diva with extra - what a lovely helpful person you are Lindsey, thanks very much for helping me with the complex (for me) world of review settings on FB and offering me some further tips too. x”​

—  Elspeth Penny 




I’m Lindsey Green and I am The Digital Diva social media strategist, community manager and business mentor.

I help businesses and brands manage their online presence, cut through the social noise to stand out head and and shoulders above everyone else.


Whether you’re a start-up or you’re a small business that has been going for a while but you’ve just lost your path a little with social media I can give you ideas, suggestions and knowledge that will kick your business back into shape!

I have drawn from my knowledge and experience of previously owning my own beauty salon businesses and finding out how difficult it is to find affordable and effective advertising and marketing.

Lindsey x


How many of us know that we should be using social media but the thought of it just completely freaks us out?


It really does'nt have to freak us out or think that its something to be feared as I will be here to help you through it all.

Some of the amazing businesses we have helped.

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