HotInGlos out and about


So today mini me has a hospital appointment at awkward o'clock so we set off mid morning Gloucester bound and so we stop off for brunch at Gloucester Quays.

We have a little mooch around at the shops first of all but its clear that mini me is more interested in food!!!! so we look for a cafe that 1. caters for kids and 2. serves something light and we come accross Portivo Lounge.

What an absolute gem of a cafe/restaurant/bar.

The staff were so helpful and food came out amazingly quick and when you have a 2 year old in tow, hanging around for food can be a stressful thing but here they gave her crayons and paper to keep her ammused.

The food was delicious, i had the 'Lounge Eggs' that was devine and mini me had a kids meal of sausage, chips and beans of which to my surprise she ate nearly the whole lot especially when this is a kid who does'nt normally like beans or sausages so big 10 out of 10 to the guys at Portivo Lounge, Gloucester Quays!

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